Rooftop Energy Recovery Unit

  • Uses ground-source geothermal capacity, modulating between 19.4% and 100% outside air based on need
  • Economizer cycle provides "free cooling" and enhanced natural ventilation using outside air when ambient temperatures are cooler and drier than indoor temperatures, without mechanical refrigeration
  • Desiccant wheel utilizes energy that would otherwise be exhausted pre-cools and dehumidifies outside air to reduce cooling loads of hot moist outside air in the summer with minimal energy use and without mechanical refrigeration; also pre-heats and humidifies incoming cold outside air in winter
  • Maximized outside air and a high performance MERV13 air filter provide superior indoor air quality
  • UV Lighting included to reduce the potential for microbial growth
  • Geothermal heat pump system is energized when economizer and desiccant wheel cannot maintain comfort conditions due to extremes in outside weather conditions